Abuse comes in so many forms that we often fail to recognize it, and then berate ourselves for allowing it to occur. This book is not about blaming an abuser, nor is it about figuring out the source or even when and how it began. It is about recognizing more subtle abuse for what it is and understanding the destructive nature of its power. This journey is about finding the path to healing and the strength to break free of its shackles.

The following excerpts have been chosen to preview for you the “itinerary” for the journey through five stages of growing out of abuse. Within each of the parts of the book in which a stage is described, you will first be introduced to that leg of the journey, then travel through the poetry and the photographs as healing progresses. Finally you will join me in my personal testimony of that season of my life with a scripture selected by Holy Spirit.

I pray that this short excursion will be encouragement for you to want to travel the full journey and discover the abundance that the Lord has in store for you!

In Him always in all ways,
Janice Clark Hayes

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