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Have you ever felt trapped in your relationship? Found yourself walking on eggshells? Maneuvering through a minefield, never knowing when your next word will set off an explosion? Are you a victim of abuse and have struggled with admitting it to yourself?

If so, you are not alone. There is hope. Within the pages of this book you will find comfort for the journey as you experience the thoughts and feelings of someone who has walked in your shoes and successfully found the way out of the minefield to wholeness and joy through Jesus Christ. You can find the way as well!

Author Janice Clark Hayes survived an abusive marriage lasting more than two decades and emerged from the experience through God’s strength and help. Through eloquent, emotion-filled poetry and dramatic photography, she will take you through five stages of abuse—from entering to emerging free and healthy.

Looking forward in hope, not backward in blame, and relying on God, Hayes will help you or a loved one suffering in this kind of relationship begin to heal and take the steps out of the torment and into God’s love.

Don’t wait—the beginning of your new life is in your hands!

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