The Author

     Janice Clark Hayes is an accomplished professional, having served the corporate world in many capacities, utilizing her MBA and organizational development experience to impact both nonprofit and private enterprises. Her passion has always been in making a difference in people’s lives, and her speaking engagements usually focused on change management, goal setting, and personal motivation. Her gift for writing began in childhood and became the natural outlet for self-expression during her own struggles.

      Janice has now moved into actively transferring her journey to wholeness to many others who are still broken. She is blessed to serve as a Christian Counselor in her church’s large counseling center that serves the entire community. Each day is a new recognition of the power of God’s love in transforming our identity!

      Janice has three grown sons through her first marriage who have blessed her with two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren. With her husband Glen Hayes, she now has a second family that includes another son and daughter and their families which include three more grandchildren. Janice and Glen are actively engaged in ministry with their home church as well as their individual outreach. They enjoy traveling together and photographing God’s magnificent creation.

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